by Hailaker

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alpineravel this album gave me what I needed when I needed it most. it's unexpected in the best way. unlike anything else.
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released May 3, 2019

All songs written and performed by Hailaker

© 2018 BDi Music Publishing
℗ 2018 Lowswimmer

Recorded, produced and mixed by Hailaker
Additional production by Ali Lacey
Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone performed by Annie Perry
Drums, Lap Steel performed by Ali Lacey
Violin performed by David Grubb
Harp performed by Lara Somogyi
Gang Vocals performed by:
Dennis Applebaum
Helen Dixon
Rowan Ferguson
Christie Gardner
Alex Parry

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Artwork by Mike Roth.


all rights reserved



Hailaker UK

Seen by its current members as less of an artist or band than a fluid, open-ended project, Hailaker (hay-ull-ache-err)’s principal members and founders are Jemima Coulter and Ed Tullett, who work between Bristol and Cardiff. Portland, Oregon-based artist Mike Roth handles artwork, and Ali Lacey (Novo Amor), amongst others, also contribute. ... more

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Track Name: Rainmaker
(face it)

It won’t close,
it won’t go away.
my love’s
indebted in…

Come make it,
come make the rain fall,
don’t wait a day more.

If I’d known,
it’d escalate…
Save for my love,
oh, I can't go far wrong.

Come make it,
come make the rain fall,
come shape it,
come make the waveform,
come face it,
come when you’re dead and gone,
don’t wait a day more.

Your eyes, they move along, they don’t recall,
only your eyes, they move along, they don’t retrieve,
only you’re right, I had it wrong, so I’ll retreat.
Track Name: Earthbound
Lone ass summer,
thought I saw my keys - found,
I could find us...

Murmur 'so lucky',
a sense that I’d have rewound
just to spite us.

I know it snowed there,
I know it’s warmer here,
but I could die cold.

A firmer 'so lucky',
I’m earthbound, I'm all ears,
I could lie, but...

...I don't care where you go.

Feet to fly on,
I'm on your back, on and on,
feet to fly on,
under, above, arm in arm.

Twenty ways to bend it straight,
you know you're waited on, you know
there’s better ways to abdicate,
you know you’re way beyond, you know.
Track Name: Correlate
Figured I won't
even need to know,
lapsed like your backbone.

Thing is I don't
feel at home
with all the hormones.

What was bone
is silicone -
trapped in a telephone,

it was sewn
to your anklebone
ink-capped to show you'd ‘grown’.

Gotta find your number,
in an almanac,
gotta find out if you're without somebody.
Got a line of lovers in a zodiac,
I'll find you on my way to someone.

Didn’t I grow
in that honeycomb?
Did laps in a narrow boat.

Didn't I go
in a hurry, no?
Let slats of your marrow show.

Nearby moans
in baritone,
lost to a shallow drone.

Nearly blows,
a bloody nose,
you were marshmallows.

Our binary form, our other one,
our other ocean floor.
I finally saw the final form,
I know I'm waiting for…

The final form isn’t enough.
Track Name: Reverie / Eloping
Head down,
you wore my faith
that I wouldn’t carry on.

Hung around,
I guess you’re late,
I’ve probably wondered off,

and I told you
that I'm honestly torn,
and I’ll warn you
that I’m honestly bored,
and I won't live in a fantasy, woman,
I won't live, I won't.

Head down,
I rolled my tongue,
reams sown were reaped in void.

I'm allowed…
…she made me, wait,
I thought I was the only one?

I thought I’d be shown around,
said I’ve gotta knuckle down,
don’t mind me, I won’t look down.
I know I’m an open house,
I’m canon, I’m ultrasound,
don’t mind me, I won’t look down.

…and vaguely, I followed your path,
and maybe I just wanted you back home,
and maybe I wasn’t attached,
but, mainly, I needed your back.
Track Name: Watercolour
Face it,
I would sit at home
finding places
I wouldn’t go.
There were traces
of affable clones,
but via phrases
I’d learned on my phone.

I’m all of a flutter,
I’m just watercolour.

won the raffle once,
was he famous?
I wouldn’t know.
There were pages
of my scattered hopes
that after ages
turned into jokes.

I’m just floor to cover,
I’m just bored of coming in
to the office fully sober,
I’m just water running,
I’m just bored of shuffling
to the coffin on my shoulders.
I’m just watercolour,
I’m, all of a sudden,
Track Name: Bathe
in the nature of your numbers,
on an axis, on an axis,
hidden aboard, the words you swore
were gone.

Across a map,
the behavior of your neighbours,
I won't go, I’m lost without,

(oh, she’d know how…)

She bore the breadth,
in the force and all awaited,
I’m relaxed, now, I’m relaxed now,
you’re numb and you walk,
you eat, you’re rising on.

Well, the fact is
in the vapour and the paper,
I won’t slow enough to mask,

Pray, all told,
the waves go slow,
you wade on home,
you’re safe and sound.

Wake, unfold,
the days follow,
you stayed with us,
hollowed out.

Bathe out the boredom,
you’re a forest, you’re
safe and sound.

Drain out the chorus,
I’m a tourist, I’m
hollowed out.

In and of itself,
the denim would be fraying now,
fraying now.

We were not ourselves,
death-defying, wearing out.
Track Name: Lows
I don't weigh you down?
I’m weighed down.

Yours would stay bound,
mine gave out.

I don't wanna burden us,
kinda wanna move along,
but I’ll live with the fear that you’re not all I wanted,
cus I don't wanna burden us.

I won't bailout,
I’ll stay proud.

Tides don’t stay out -
mine came round.

"I didn't know you were going”,
“I didn't know you would go."

I don't wanna burden us,
kinda wanna move along,
thought that you'd be further on,
kinda wish I'd made it up.

As endeavor, so below,
kept the measures, acid on your tongue,
had a lesser tremor won,
had I ever been your lowest low?
Track Name: Coma / Smoke
Where’d you go?
So I know…
decided I’m leaving,
I’ll dissolve,
there’s no way of knowing.

…oh, and I finally caught a coma,
oh and my irony forged an omen.

Couldn’t hear your name,
couldn’t steer on my own;
you had barely aged,
let it domino,
in the evening,
had I said I’d postpone?
Sever all your limbs,
follow head over toes.

Years ago,
I coined the portmanteau,
I tore the words you sewed,
thought that I would shape it,
it’s all in the cadence,
hard enough to say at all.

Further in a deeper haze,
oh I couldn’t steer on my own,
hardly had an even say,
had I even said I’d postpone?

Sister I know
harder than most,
when you’re bitter to the ‘aura’,
she never spoke,
the better of a woman,
she was the colour of smoke,
go farther in the furrow, called it off,
she was held in a choke,
and the corners of the atlas
seared, white as a tone,
a murmur at the lighter
sounds of naphtha,
burned harder than most.
Track Name: Phonetically
I heard you say it -
I played it down -
we were fooling around.

I calculated,
you celebrated,
did I wear you down
working it out?

Will you come back to me now?

In conversation
you made mistakes that
I forgot about,
you were drowning it out.

Told not to say it,
I won't delay it,
oh forget about it,
you were fucking around,
you said

'will you come back to me now?'.

I’ll keep hauling doubt,
say it phonetically now,
save me phonetically now.
Track Name: I Could Be Back
I never noticed what you're running from,
in an open, in a marathon on my own,
tiny doses of America,
cus I was owed it, it was legible! Oh don’t…

I never noticed all the chemicals,
so potent, it’d turn me blonde on its own,
I’m eroding, I’m a replica,
but for a moment I’m adorable, oh, I know.

I could be back when you know.

Don’t be modest, were you way down low?
Rotate it, I’ve been cut in decimals,
bored of walking, pull my ankles off…
by way of promise, I was taken there under oath.

Don't look at me like that, when you know!
Track Name: Readout
Really? Gifted? I don’t see it.
I don’t!
Briefly lifted,
I won’t be dead, I won’t.

So seamless,
seal it, take hold.
I’ll be there
to see it unfold.

Neatly drifting,
did I sell myself short?
It’s nearly shifting, but
I won’t beat it, I won’t.

I’m out to get around the tie ropes,
just say you won't hibernate now.
It’s bound to come around if I go.

climbing on, reward, all my love’s
gallantry now,
sallied on towards, and miles up
did you freak
out at all the dots? All below, and in your
dialing up the dust.
Track Name: Not Much
As I walk on the face,
impressed by the way I didn’t fold,
I’m messed by the vain idea
that if time holds no weight
in the car from the rain,
I won’t cut the brakes.

As I talk at the space,
left by the days
I’d slowly erased
(I’d burned down the pain museum),
oh you won’t corner me,
I’ve come for the faint hope
you’ll concede,
step on my face now.

It’s hard to be around her,
I bet it’s hard to be down lots,
but it’s hard when our love
hardly amounts to much.

(holding me down, lo...)

As I cross off the dates
reset by the pace you’d dissolved
I’m met by the souvenirs
that I thought I’d misplaced,
they’re addressed in your name,
but alone
they’re a waste.

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